Cross Village Township


                                                       November 13, 2012   7:00 pm

1.    Call to Order

2.    Pledge of Allegiance

3.    Approval of Agenda

4.    Approval of October, 2012 Meeting Minutes

5.    Remembering the Treasurer:  Maria Krupa

6.    Correspondence and Announcements:                                                                                                                                                         

7.    Public Comments

8.    Committee Reports:    


10.  Unfinished Business 

            a. Election Results

            b. Ramp Removal

            c. Town-Hall usage

            d. Plaque update:  At Gary’s


11. New Business

              a. Appointment of Treasurer for period Nov 13-20

             b. Case # 24-12 Request for a special use permit-100’ Tower

             c. Approval of software and laptop for Treasurer

             d.  BOR Dec 11, 4:30 pm

             e. Approval for training for new Clerk, Treasurer and Trustee

             f. Forward Planning for 2013-2016

             g. New flag for CVCC

             h. Swearing-in of new Board effective Nov. 20, 2012


      12.  Second Public Comment


13.  Adjourn Meeting